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i'm Ahmad Eid

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So who is Artsplayer ??

Hello... Testing... 1,2,3. Ok... Here we go

mmmmm, it's me, Ahmad! and this is my personal website. Yep, that's right, I'm a Person, well kind of! While loving my work I've chosen to collaborate with some of the best freelance programmers around. Ensuring quality all round.

After years of designing and coding HTML/CSS, I've finally got my technique down to a tee. I am both a designer and a front-end coder. I design in my sketchbook, Illustrator, Photoshop and Dreamweaver. I also build standards compliant websites in Valid HTML5 and CSS3. I have a excellent background working in Bootstrap 5 and a good background in JAVA Script library. That just about covers most of it!

By allocating the necessary time and giving personal attention to detail on every single project and task i do allows me to create good designs that work. 100% passion & commitment.

What the design for me

Design isn't just a job for me, its something I love to do. I count myself very lucky to make a living being creative.

I gained a bachelor degree in Computer science at Zarqa Private university in Jordan @ 2005 which has given me a solid base in web design, this has probably aided me in my direction..., let's call it sidestep, into web design by giving me a sound design base to develop from. I believe that by using web standards and creative CSS it is possible to create stunning visually rich websites that can stand among the many excellent design works in the tangible world that is print.



Computer science bachelor degree @ 2005
High school - Tajehii @2000
ZPU university